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in the Arts of Asia
Kam, Garrett This is the most definitive work of the great Indian epic, the Ramayana, that has made made its way over the centuries to almost every corner of Southeast Asia. Art historian Garrett Kam has undertaken an extremely challenging task -- to track the various interpretations of the tale about Sita's enduring love and devotion to Rama, her abduction by the ogre king Ravana, and the adventures leading to her rescue. This magnificently illustrated volume also has a useful glossary section of the variation of names of characters as well as an appendix of the different performing art and literary traditions throughout Asia.
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Development of Painting in Bali: Selections from the Neka Art Museum (2nd Revised Ed)
Kam, Garrett & Suteja Neka The 2nd revised edition of this introduction to the major styles of Balinese
painting includes 100 colour plates, wth commentaries and biographical
notes, from the Neka Art Museum, Ubud.
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Perceptions of Paradise:
Images of Bali in the Arts
Kam, Garrett

This analysis of different images of Bali in the arts relates the broad
cultural-historical setting and indigenous artistic traditions to foreign
perceptions and influences. Maps and 120 colour illustrations from the Neka
Museum collections help to highlight the continuum which exists between the
traditional and modern art forms.
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The Ritual Art of Bali
Brinkgreve, Stuart-Fox. pictures by Kam, Garrett

Offers an artistic glimpse of the pageantry, ritual and devotion which accompany the
creation of offerings to the gods in Bali. Through breath-taking full colour photographs,
the author explains the basic elements, the cosmic symbolism and ritual meaning of the
materials and colours used in the offerings.
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Island of Bali
by Miguel Covarrubias This book is the essential book about Bali. I read it 26 years ago when I first went to Bali
and it still ranks as thee book about Bali. If you wish to learn about the Balinese people,
their culture and religion and beliefs I highly recommend this book.
Recommended by Garrett Kam too...
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